St. Charles Bible Church


Sunday School: 9:30am

Fellowship and Refreshments: 10:15am

Morning Worship: 10:35am

Sunday Evening Service: As announced

We are located on the west side of town on hwy 14.

P.O. Box 665
631 W. 6th Street
St. Charles, MN  55972



Welcome to the Bible Church.  Our services are designed to communicate the truths of the Christian faith and help people to encounter God in a personal way.  To make the most of your time here, we encourage you to: 

We are family here.  We are more concerned with being  personal, interactive, and genuine than being perfect.  Our desire is to come before our Creator with hearts, souls, minds, and bodies that are focused on Him. 
Participate as you feel comfortableWe would like to invite you to sing with us during our worship time and share any prayer requests you may have during our time for praise and prayer.

Entrust your children to our staff and volunteers.  
Both the Sunday School and congregational services have specific children’s worship times, and we do have nursery—three years and younger. AWANA is a Wednesday evening program designed for church youth in our community, and is a joint effort of Heartland Community and St. Charles Bible Church. 

Enjoy our Church Family
Sunday mornings, after age-appropriate  classes for everyone, we take time for fellowship and refreshments before morning worship begins.  Worship hour includes a brief report about one  of our missionaries, music, a story for the children, and  the morning message.  Most of the time we close before noon.

 Give only as you feel led
.  We believe we are called to give back to God a portion of what He has given us.  However, as a visitor, please do not feel you are obligated to give.  

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