St. Charles Bible Church, 631 West 6th Street, St. Charles, MN 55972

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Welcome to St. Charles Bible Church

Welcome to St. Charles Bible Church

Welcome to St. Charles Bible ChurchWelcome to St. Charles Bible Church

Committed To Teaching  The Word of God

About Us


Welcome to the Bible Church.  Our services are designed to communicate the truths of the Christian faith and help people to encounter God in a personal way.  To make the most of your time here, we encourage you to: 

Relax We are family here.  We are more concerned with being  personal, interactive, and genuine than being perfect.  Our desire is to come before our Creator with hearts, souls, minds, and bodies that are focused on Him. 

Participate as you feel comfortable We would like to invite you to sing with us during our worship time and share any prayer requests you may have during our time for praise and prayer.

Entrust your children to our staff and volunteers. Both the Sunday School and congregational services have specific children’s worship times, and we do have nursery—three years and younger. AWANA is a Wednesday evening program designed for church youth in our community, and is a joint effort of Heartland Community and St. Charles Bible Church. 

Enjoy our Church Family Sunday mornings, after age-appropriate  classes for everyone, we take time for fellowship and refreshments before morning worship begins.  Worship hour includes a brief report about one  of our missionaries, music, a story for the children, and  the morning message.  Most of the time we close before noon.

Give only as you feel led.  We believe we are called to give back to God a portion of what He has given us.  However, as a visitor, please do not feel you are obligated to give. 


Hearing Assistance
Our sound system features TELEX personal listening devices. Please ask one of the ushers for one of these units if you need assistance with hearing.

Church Bulletins
Please take a church bulletin.  It includes our order of service, future events, prayer requests, birthdays, and our pastor's commentary.

We enjoy traditional hymns of praise as well as contemporary praise and worship songs.  On most Sundays someone from the congregation will play or sing a special number.  Nearly always, the words will be displayed on the big screen.

We practice 'open communion', meaning that our attendees are welcome to join  us for communion provided they have trusted Christ as their Savior.  We believe that the 'bread and cup' are symbols of His body and blood.  

As family members and pastoral staff, we are concerned about the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our church family.  As such, we engage in listening, counseling, prayer, and other help as we can give it.  If professional help is needed, we will recommend help outside the church family.

The Bible Church is only a local representation of the invisible Church--made up of all those individuals who have trusted Christ as Savior and Lord.  There is an immediate sense of fellowship for true believers.  Welcome to the Family!


This we believe...
1.  The Bible
is the inerrant Word of God in print.  "...holy men of God spoke and wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit." 2 Peter 1:21

2.  The Trinity:  God is One in three Persons--the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

3.  God the Son--Jesus, the Christ.  Born of a virgin, sinless life, substitutionary death, died, buried, rose again, and is coming back, as He said.

4.  God the Spirit--the Gift for believers, promised by Jesus, and sent from the Father.  He is the third Person of the Trinity Who regenerates, indwells, guides, keeps all believers, and convicts the sinner.

5.  Mankind:  A sinner by birth and by choice, created, born with a depraved sin nature, unable to remedy his lost estate without God's intervention and grace.

6.  Salvation is found through the grace of God alone, by repentent faith in the Person and work of Christ, exclusively.

7.  The Church is a universal gathering found in local fellowships of regenerated believers called to evangelize, congregate, and disciple lost souls for Christ.

8.  We look for the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ for true believers, but the Bible says eternal death awaits the unbelievers.

9.  Ordinances:  We practice two:  communion as a celebration of the Lord's table, and water baptism as the visual testimony of the inward work of the Holy Spirit.

10.  We teach that we are all broken; we all are sinners in need of restoration, strength, and discipline.  As believers, we strive to "please Him" and encourage our fellow travelers.


Get Involved

Weekly Schedule

Sunday: 9:30 am Sunday School

           10:15 am Fellowship and Refreshments

           10:35 am Morning Worship

           Sunday Evening Service ( as announced )

Wednesday:  6:45 p.m. Awana, Trek, and Youth in Action

(Only on Wednesdays when public school was held.)

Wednesday:  7:00 p.m. Bible Study for Adults. Meet for sharing, prayer  and informal Bible study Wednesdays starting the beginning of May, and ending the first week in September (when Awana begins).  To check for cancellations, call 507-261-5282.